Professional Artist Kris Rhymes was born in South Phoenix and raised in the Central Phoenix area of Arizona. Rhymes had a fascination of Art at the age of 8 and slowly developed his talent to notable work which was soon took on as his profession.

Getting into the arts, it started as a way of seeing things that wasn’t his reality, creating out of the norm things, and training his eye to the things he visualizes. As years went by, Kris wanted to take his self taught talents and turn it into a business as an Entrepreneur.

His inspiration comes from human interaction, people, music and nature; seeing it at close detail and analyzing everything to his imagination by manifesting his thoughts on canvas.

Kris creates art that is tantalizing to the senses and musical nostalgia to the eyes! At 26, Kris Rhymes has two collectionsthat are an extension to his Art brand of KRhymes Artistry, one using Chocolate Syrup and one using Music Album Covers.

His work has been exhibited in various venues such as Tempe History Museum, ASU Community Gallery, HQ Gallery, and many others. Rhymes also plans to debut one of his collections from the series, “Through The Ages: A Michael Jackson Experience” in 2019!

In addition to reaching people with his canvas Art, Rhymes also uses human heads as canvases in his Profession as a Barber.
Hecreates unique hair styles in his barber brand of Rhymes Designs.

Cover2Cover Collection

Best known for his unique and captivating chocolate syrup portraits. Kris Rhymes opened a second Collection to his Art brand, KRhymes Artistry, called, “Cover2Cover.” They consist of unique contemporary collages created from LP album covers.

The most recent, Legends Vol. 1 series from Cover2Cover was inspired by Kris’s love of music and its cultural connections. The various music genres that can evoke surprise and awe, are the things that Kris has reflected in his images in the colors, personalities, emotions, mood, and compositions.

“What you are seeing is what you have been hearing,” says Kris Rhymes channel as he channels the energy of a particular subject or musician. He lets the music guide him. Feeling the vibrations of the lyrics, a song, or an entire LP is then manifested on canvas. The series, “Legends Vol. 1.” And many other future series puts the viewer in a reflective moment and allows travel through time embracing and connecting the art and music together as one.

ChocKolate-Man Collection

Not only is chocolate a delicious, rich,indulgence of flavor but it also embraces meaning of Love, Laughter, Happiness, Peace and Joy! Embracing his childhood from creative outlooks through food. Kris Rhymes took the idea of creating his first collection from a movie quote in “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory,” “There Is No Life I Know To Compare With Pure Imagination, Living There You’ll Be Free, If You Truly Wish To Be; Expect The Unexpected.”

Realizing that his imagination and creative process would have no limits! Kris Rhymes continues to evoke Inspiring, Tantalizing, Mouth Watering, and Thought Provoking art pieces that is appetizing to the mind and senses! He is the ChocKolate-Man!